Meredith Trail System Status – CLOSED


Trail update 3-10-21


Even though some areas of our trails have been holding up well, the majority of our trails have succumbed to the warm temperatures. At this time all of our trails are closed and we will be closing gates as we can get to them. Please respect our landowners as we would like to keep these trails for the future. Thank you for a great season with a record number of club members, 256!

Trail update 3-4-21

The seasons not over yet! Our trails have been groomed within the past couple of days, with the exception of the railroad tracks. Trails are in fairly good condition. Some areas are better than others. Keep an eye out for trees blown down as well as a few water bars. We will continue to groom as conditions permit. With warm temperatures expected next week this could be the last weekend of good riding in the Lakes Region.

Trail update 2-18-21

Tuesday’s storm will hopefully set us up for a great base, but in the meantime it provided icy conditions. We have groomed primary 300 towards Meredith Woods, Meredith Center area towards Pickerel Pond, Bear Point towards Lake Winnisquam, and Mud Pond towards Lake Wicwas. We will plan to groom our points north/east, Meeting House trail, Bayview trail, and Corridor 15 for the weekend. Corridor 15 towards Center Harbor (power lines) is currently un-groomable due to lack of snow. Corridor 8, the rail bed is also currently un-groomable due to lack of snow.

Trail update 2-11-21

Last night the Tucker covered Twin Barns Trail down to Meredith Center (Primary 300) and over to Mud pond as well as Bear pt. Those trails are in fair to good condition. Twin Barns trail is in excellent condition. Trail down to Windsong and Pickerel Pond has snow cover but not really groomable.

** Riders are disobeying signs in Holmes field. Please stay on trail. **

In our return trip we encountered two snowmobile‘s ripping up our freshly groomed trail. With a very thin base that we have, this kind of behavior is not appreciated…

Today, 2/11 we are going to try to get the Tucker over Primary 300 from Flightcraft towards Meredith Woods. We will attempt to do a little bit more grooming before the weekend but more snow is needed.

Still NO grooming on the rail bed at this time. Not enough snow.

Trail Update 2-9-2020

Open trails and grooming status has been updated. Everything but the RR tracks are open with thin/early season conditions. The tracks still do NOT have enough snow on them. The groomer will be out tomorrow to run the last few sections that need some work. The season is finally here so get outside for some throttle therapy. Pray for snow so we can get the last piece of the trail system open!

Trail Update 2-4-2020

Jim and Bruce brought the tucker into town to prepare the bay view trail and the trail to Cumberland Farms in anticipation of traffic this pond hockey weekend. Unfortunately the snow cover is very thin. There just isn’t much to work with. With that being said our grooming efforts will be very limited until we get more snow. Our trails are open but please use extreme caution as these are early season riding conditions.

As a reminder ATVs are not allowed on our club trails. This includes the Bayview trail (circled in yellow). We have had a couple issues this year already. As always please respect our landowners.

One more note… do not trust any of the lakes or ponds, especially Lake Winnipesaukee, there were areas of open water just a few days ago.

Trail Update 2-2-2020

After this latest storm we are now officially declaring the trail system open. The groomer will be out starting tomorrow and we will have a more thorough report for the weekend (what trails are groomed and open) after that. Conditons are currently thin and ungroomed but rideable. There is still not enough snow on the RR tracks. Adjacent points north of here did not receive the same snow we did so even if the tracks are manageable in town, they won’t be when you head out of here.

Check back before the weekend for the latest update!

Trail Update 12-23-2020

Groomer went out last night and will be out again today and tonight. We are working on extra large snow banks and packing areas that we can get to.

There are a lot of water bars across the system. We also found a few trees down. We are aware of them and will clean them up as soon as we can. We received word that the railway is no longer “active” so it’s technically open for travel BUT the railroad trestle on Winona Rd is not in place yet. If you do go North, you will find minimal snow north of Plymouth. We were in the sweet spot for this last storm.

Trails are still CLOSED.

Let us do our work and hope that this rain turns our base into something very nice that we can all enjoy for the rest of the season.


Trail Update 12-17-2020

One of the biggest storms in years just rolled through town dumping up to three feet of light fluffy champagne powder. There was minimal wind so we expect this to set up nice over the next few days. We couldn’t ask for a better storm to get this season started and can’t wait to open the gates to allow everyone to pull their sleds out for the first rip of the season.

That being said, the trail system is closed. There was no base prior to this storm and we need everything to settle. We will have an update in a few days once we get the groomer out to help pack things down.


Trail Update – 12-4-2020

It looks like snow is in the forecast! We have been working hard to get the trails ready, but we still have much work to do. We will post up when the trails are open right here and on our Facebook page.


NH Interconnected Trails:
Corridor 15 CLOSED
Primary 300 CLOSED
Corridor 8 CLOSED
Secondary/Club Trails:
Meeting House Trail
Bayview Trail
Frank Corliss Memorial Trail
Windsong Trail
Bear Point Trail
Logan’s Run CLOSED
Twin Barns Brewing Trail CLOSED

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