Meredith Trail System Status – Closed

Trail Update – 1/19/20

Completed this morning:

– Primary 300 to between Chase Rd / Hatch Corner.
– Pickerel pond to Livingston Road.
– Through Meredith Center to Bear point down to mud pond.

We plan to groom more later. Happy riding be safe all!

Trail Update – 1-17-2019 

We were out grooming yesterday into the late night. Our trail system is in good enough shape to ride, but we will need another good storm to make the official “Trails are Open” call. We know people will be riding this weekend, so if you do decide to go out please be mindful of private property, rutting up dirt, grass, and gravel, and your speed around corners. We should be in much better shape after the storm on Saturday. All we ask is to please be respectful if you do decide to take the sled out.

The RR tracks still need “another foot of snow” before we can take the groomer out on them.

The trail to Center Harbor is hazardous to say the least. This is trail 15 and follows the power lines. Crews subcontracted by the power company have been out there and the warm temps did not help along with a lot of cut brush… everywhere. Please exercise caution. We are putting our heads together on what we can do to get it fixed!

Another reminder with warm temps earlier this week and last nights wicked freezing temps please be careful of water bars, water in the trails, ponds, bogs, and lakes.

Trail Update – 1-10-2019 

Trail Master Report: Please don’t ride the trails this weekend with the rain coming. We’re grooming tonight only so we can flatten out what snow we have. We’d rather leave a flat surface on the trails than torn up ruts that will freeze when the sub arctic temps coming our way on Sunday night arrive!!

Trail Update – 12-31-2019 

We just received a 8+ inches of snow which was much needed and has us all super excited to take our sleds out. Even with the new snow, SnoStreakers trails are closed which includes the rail bed. The agreement with the state is to open after January 6th. The second the groomer comes out of hibernation we will let everyone know!


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